i have a virtual network configured with a server2003AD, a NW6.5.8 server with CIFS and an xp pro sp3 with no novell client on it. The XP authenticates to the AD. The CIFS is configured to use the AD domain controller to authenticate.

Am i to understand that there still needs to be a user in eDir of the same AD name to authenticate to the CIFS share? i have created one, but to get any connection i gave it admin rights to the nw server. I was under the impression, perhaps mistakenly, that by configuring CIFS to use the AD server, that as long as a user workstation was authenticated to the AD, the NW CIFS would check the AD for credentials and serve the share, no questions asked, without a user in eDir.

I managed to get a mapped drive with my edir user name and password, however it isn't allowing access to the share. Have i missed a big boat here? Any direction would be appreciated.