I am attempting to configure a Multi-Homed OES2 server version 2.0.2. (on SLES 10SP3) running the XEN kernel because I'm attempting to configure a series of virtual servers. I want to configure two NICs to communicate on different networks. One network should be used for iSCSI traffic, and is isolated from all other network traffic. As a result the iSCSI NIC is configured to use jumbo frames.
I have configured each NIC with it's own IP and default gateway
I have specified a default route for all traffic to use the private network
I have specified a static route for the iSCSI network so all traffic on the iSCSI network should be directed through eth1
I have set jumbo frames (9000 MTU) on eth1

Everything looks fairly good, except it doesn't seem to be working.

A traceroute to a device on the private network results in a single hop to the destination (seems fine)
A traceroute to a device on the iscsi network results in a hop to the iscsi default gateway, then to the destination (still seems fine to me)
However, a ping of a device on the iSCSI network will only pass up to the 1500 MTU which is set on eth0.

I can see the MTU setting of 9000 on eth1, and I have confirmed the connected network switch supports Jumbo Frames, and all other systems can pass jumbo frames to my testing target...

So it seems to me that all traffic is still attempting to pass through eth0. I have not done a packet capture yet because I'm still working through regaining familiarity with Linux, and I am not particularly worried about passing the configuration to the XEN servers at this time, although that will be the next step.

Thank You for any assistance, or direction you can provide.