I am running BM37, with the following patches: SP3, Purge_NW,
and BM37FP3B.

There are two locations and two BM firewalls, when I am at the remotelocation and try to access the Web server (behind the other BM server)
via a
NATed address, I get a 504 timeout. I can, however get to the web
using its public IP address

If I try to access the web server via its URL or its Public address
'outside' the network, it works.

I've already tried turing off filters at both locations and disabling'Enforce Rules'.

If I bypass the proxy, it works. It's definitely the proxy but I
understand what it could be.

Not sure if this is related, but I receive this 'bind error' on both
Cache screens, however as you can see it resolves itself.:

Configured Services:
Proxy Requesting Client at all TCP/IP addresses:1086
HTTP Proxy at TCP/IP address
** Error ** Bind error 48
HTTP Proxy at TCP/IP address
HTTP Proxy at TCP/IPX address 02A1A001:000000000001:1F90
MiniWeb Server at all TCP/IP addresses:1959