Hello, I have a couple of users that use aircards in their laptops outside the office to connect to a hosted application across a VPN connection.

We have had issues in the past with the aircard connection randomly disconnecting, and we were able to work around it by using an older version of the Novell client.

Since we installed ZCM 10, we can no longer find a way to make the connection stable. I found TID 3861100 which seems to match our situation well, and have followed the steps to disable use of DHCP for SLP, and the DHCP settings for Tree, Server, Context in the client are also not enabled. The novdhcp.dll does not exist on the laptops.

I ran wireshark to see what is going on, and it is always DHCP requests that happen immediately before the disconnect.

Is there a new system file related to DHCP requests for ZCM, or can anyone think of a way to solve this (or even discover more)? We use Telus as our cell provider, and the client doesn't seem to fully support the NDIS option that Verizon has in theirs.