Greetings, upgrading from GW800 HP2 to GW801 HP1 tonight, running NW65SP8.
In the GW8 SP1 readme (can't find the HP1 readme...) in a section titled
"9.2.6 Viewer Agent Issues on NetWare", it tells you to "Memory Protection
Fault Cleanup must be set to On" which is already the case on my server, and
that "Memory Protection Restart Count should be set greater than 1" which is
currently set to 1 on my server.

So... I was going to do so but on the NetWare console if I just do "set
memory protection restart count" and press enter, it shows the current
setting of 1, and in the explanation it also states that this setting works
in conjunction with the "memory protection no restart interval" (which is
also set to 1 on my server - defaults), but the GW8SP1 README does not
mention making any changes to this parameter.

My question is should I really be increasing the Memory Protection Restart
Count to greater than 1 (so... 2, 3, 4, ...??), did they omit mentioning
what I should change the memory protection no restart interval to or should
this just be left at 1? Will anything happen if I just leave all these
settings as they are??

Thanks in advance