The Windows 7 is very slow system (32 and 64 Bit) allways the system searching and the muse weels, the system hangs (total 21 System on different customer) Now for using the 8GB Ram we have installed the windows XP 64 BIT. It rouls very fast on new Intel Prozessorgenerations.

1) BUT I have not found a 64 Bit Novell client fr the Novellservers (our Customers have the most of Novell servers 6.5 sp8. I have try all NW Clients that I have can download from novell and try and have also test with older clients. Can a developper compile the Win 7 Client also for XP 64 Bit.

2) The solution with CIFS on Novell 6.5 sp8: I have not can install the cifs while I have not found a install document step for step (CIFS is on package iManager?) Have som one a Link on a cook book dokumentation that I can this bind aditionals?

Kind regards