We are running BM3.7SP2 with BM37fp3b on NW5.1SP5. Our proxy cfg is
revision 10 from http://nscsysop.hypermart.net We use BM just as a
The problem is trying to access an ftp site via a web browser through
proxy. Internet Explorer both 5.5 and 6.0 specifically. The ftp site requires a login to access it. If I don't have "enable folder view"
checked I get a 504 error from BM stating login to server failed. If I

have "enable folder view checked" I get a windows error message
stating "FTP Folder Error windows cannot access this folder. Be sure
typed it correctly and you have permissions to access this folder. I
also tried the "use passive ftp for firewalls and dsl" but that didn't

help either. Anonymous ftp sites work fine.

Is there any way to get ftp working through the BM server proxy? Any
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all,