Hi folks,
Planning a move of GW8 from NW6.5 to SLES 10sp3 OES2 sp2a (64bit) running as a DomU guest under SLES 11 Dom0. Single GW domain/PO.

Here is my plan and procedure - any comments/suggestion would be appreciated.

Setup of SLES 11 Xen Host server and SLES 10sp3 OES2 guest server in new eDir Tree (Tree B) - done and stable.
Install Console1 - done.
Create identical user accounts for new tree as exists in old tree.
Setup NSS pool w/2 volumes - MAIL and DATA - done.
Test login to tree and drive mapping to NSS volumes - done.
Stage GW8sp1hp1 Linux files to server.
On NW server, backup 1st pass PO with: dbcopy -p -m -f -k <src> <dest>
On NW server, backup 2nd pass PO with: dbcopy -p -m -s -k <src> <dest>
On NW server, backup domain with: dbcopy -d -m <srv> <dest>
Copy GW PO and Dom file structures to MAIL volume on SLES server
Run GW8 setup on SLES server and install Dom and PO agents, indicating location of DOM and PO files on NSS MAIL volume.
In Console1, graft GW objects.
Run GW Agents and test.
Install GWIA and WebAccess and test.

One question I have is should I perhaps delete the GWIA and WebAccess C1 objects on the NW server before doing the DBcopy of the domain files (so it is clean)?

Thanks for any comments!