Hi there.

We have a laptop fleet with the following config:
Win XP
Novell Client 4.91
ZCM 10.2

Works really nicley with applications - when a network is detected, the Novell client logs into the eDirectory tree and the ZCM logs into the Zenworks zone, giving the zenworks applications.
When a network is not detected, the Novell Client defaults to workstation only, the workstation logs in with the dynamic local user and ZCM logs in locally to the machine using the cached zenworks user details, giving all the zenworks applications. Nice both on and off the network.

Upgrading to ZCM 10.3 now does not allow the user to login when off the network. The novell login sits there indefinatly until I plug it into the network. Very bad for our enviorment as the laptops are used both on and off the network.

I have tried using the reg entry "HonorClient32WorkstationOnlyCheckbox" but that just lets me login to the workstation and bypasses the Zenworks local login alltogether, leaving the user with no zenworks provided applications.

Am I missing something? How do I get ZCM 10.3 to give me the same ability to have the workstation use the locally cached zenworks users and applications the same way ZCM 10.2 did?