Hello everyone,

I am testing out SLES 10 SP3 installs using Virtual Machines right now. The first time I built one I had only one virtual disk for the VM, and I was able to partition the way I wanted, which was a small EXT2 /boot partition, a swap partition, a several GB reiserfs root partition, and then the rest of the disk as an LVM group with the rest of the partitions I want.

Now I'm trying again only this time the VM has two virtual disks and I'm having an issue. Once I'm done creating my /boot, swap and root partitions. When I then try to create an LVM group, it only wants to let me create one on the second virtual disk, aka SDB.

If I wipe out all the partitions and click the LVM button it does give me the option of creating it on either device (sda or sdb). But as I understand it the other partitions should be at the front of the disk.

So what am I missing here, why am I seeing this behavior, why won't it let me create an LVM group on the end of the first disk?