Again I was tackling the configurations to ZLM, and again, I stumbled in something in the ZLMMirror... I starting to have doubts that anyone ever finished a successful mirroring from anything, its amazing!

Now the Java seems to create the wrong name for the target package recently downloaded from NU.

The error I am getting is:

(from services-messages.log)

DEBUG: [4/12/10 4:48:13 PM] Core-API com.novell.zenworks.datamodel.ObjectNotFoundExcept ion: The object(s) do not exist: /Bundles//Bundles/NovellUpd/SLES10-

(from zlmmirror.log )

Error: An error occurred while trying to add the bundle "/Bundles/NovellUpd/SLES10-SP3-Updates/SLES10-SP3-Updates-bundle" to the catalog "/Bundles/NovellUpd
/SLES10-SP3-Updates/SLES10-SP3-Updates". (The object(s) do not exist: /Bundles//Bundles/NovellUpd/SLES10-SP3-Updates.)
com.novell.zenworks.zlmmirror.server.MirrorServerE xception: An error occurred while trying to add the bundle "/Bundles/NovellUpd/SLES10-SP3-Updates/SLES10-S
P3-Updates-bundle" to the catalog "/Bundles/NovellUpd/SLES10-SP3-Updates/SLES10-SP3-Updates".

I am pointing all the downloads to NovellUpd folder, ..., before it was Novell Updates, but it was giving error of "path name too long", after fixing it, I still have this weird error, from apparently nowhere, he repeats the part "/bundle/" to the database and simply die in the middle of the process.

I wonder:

1) Is there a way to make him ignore the error and continue adding packages disregarding one simple error? (like a command switch or a tricky java option?)

2) How would I enable the java debug, where I could see those errors that zlmmirror is generating with more depth, or that's it?

3) What would be the best practice to put RPMs on the ZLM?

3.a) I have a complete, working, repository for YAST / NU with all the Linux and OES updates, this is working pretty fine, after "hacking" some of the novell scripts. Importing this repositories to ZLM (with something like rpm2zlm) could be more easy than use the zlmmirror as I realize now... any comments on this?

4) Any comment or information necessary to figure out problems here?

I can't see any relation with any configuration besides a problem in the Java application...

I getting tired and frustrated, with something that should be so simple turn into a very complicated and entangled task.