Howdy all. I could not locate anything in the documentation, forums, cool
solutions nor Google to help us with our issue. We are wanting to move all
our PCs from one Zenworks server onto another. I have setup two servers,
two different zones, and need to move all PCs from the original zone to the
new zone. We need the old server for another project, and need it soon.
So, manually, we un-register and then register the PC which does the trick.
However, I am in need of an automatic way of doing this as we have many PCs
and manual is going to take too much time.

Is there a way we can do this in a bundle on the old server? We have
tried using the AutotIt program to do this, but the Security Certificate
that pops up is hit and miss on whether or not the Yes Button gets pressed.
Mostly it does not. So, there has bound to have been some of you out there
that have had to move your PCs from one zone to another in bulk, right? We
can't be only the 2nd group out there to ask, can we? I say another post
here in this forum from back in September of 2008. No answers since.

Please reply on or off list. We sure would appreciate your help. It's
the one question I failed to ask the engineers about at BrainShare this year
and am living to regret it. Thanks.