There was a post a couple of years ago on this but nothing posted that actually gave the steps on what to do. I'm looking for the procedure using the DNS/DHCP console, iManager, or even editing the BIND files manually. Here's what I have:

1. Two NW6.5 SP7/8 servers running named.nlm

2. Domain is being served by those two servers ( and
Therefore, requests for and are resolved by those servers.

3. I have a sub-domain for which I'd like all requests forwarded to another (W2k3) server (
Therefore, and would be resolved by

It looks like I might be able to modify the etc/named.con file with the following commands:

> zone "ad." IN {
> file "ad.db";
> novell_designated-server "DNS_NOC-Backup.MIS.FCUSD";
> novell_zone-servers {"DNS_NOC-Backup.MIS.FCUSD";};
> novell_zone-mod-time 1270675705;
> novell_zone-creation-time 1270675639;
> novell_zone-dn "AD.DNS_DHCP.GW.FCUSD";
> };

However whenever I reload named, that file is rebuilt from eDir. Am I on the right path???

Seems pretty simple but I can't quite get there. I've searched for "zone forwarding," "split dns," etc. without much success. Thanks for the help!!!