We have several OES2SP1 server in our VMware Environment. On some servers we have on install date only 1 virtual cpu selected. Now we want to install kernel-smp with YAST.
On a normal SLES10SP3 Server this will work fine. But on OES2SP1 with NSS we have conflict in YAST:
atom:nss-kmp-smp-4.11.2969_2.6.16.60_0.21-0-4-1-i586 has unfilled requirements
Conflic Resolution: delete nss-kmp-smp
delete nss-kmp-smp-4.11.2969_2.6.16.60_0.21-0-4-1-i586

If i look in YAST, the i see that several modules are in the default version and not as an smp version. I check these with an OES2SP1 Server with 2 virtual cpu.

What is the right way to install kernel-smp?