What PROXY.CFG file settings affect this parameter in Proxy Console
Screen? I used to have NW5.1 +SP6+BM3.5+SP3 and this ratio was always

about between 50-60%. A week ago I upgraded from NW5.1 to NW6+SP3,
BM3.5 to BM3.7+SP2+BM37FP3B plus Craig's PROXY.CFG V10 file. Server
fine, but the cache hits ratio dropped to 24-25% only. It's still the

same hardware box in the same place. I installed NW6/BM37 on a top
NW5.1/BM3.5, the major setting are still the same. Any idea what can cause it? Does the new PROXY count the cache hits differently then the

old one. I've got four BM servers with almost the same settings and on

all of them cache hits ratio is about between 17%-25%.


Nikolai Sokolov
MCNE, Senior Systems Analyst

British Columbia Institute of Technology