Hi there, i have ZCM 10.2.2 up and running on a 2008 R2 server(naughty i know) and i need to upgrade to 10.3a however because the ZAA on the server isnt registering correctly due to it being 10.2.2 and not recognising the OS correctly, how do i go about this - basically i need to use/support 2008 R2 so was wondering how to work round this, can i do a manual install of 10.3 on the R2 server or do i need to revert back to 2008(non R2?) i know that 10.3a supports 2008 R2 but i'm having issues seeing how to get it up and running - i'll be the 1st one to admit if' i'm just being dumb. Any help or guidance much appreciated. Regards, Mike.