WinXP sp3
ZCM10.3 agent
Symantec Endpoint 11.5

I can build a fresh machine from the gold image, installed shed loads of applications on it and they all install and work perfectly without any problems what so ever !

We then install the symantec endpoint client and the world ends !!!!

There is MFT (master file table) corruption, the network fails to respond, if you go into the console and type ipconfig then there is a message saying that the network drivers are having problems. On shutdown it sometimes blue screens, that is if you can get enough control to actually perform a shutdown because the machine keeps freezing. The symantec client cannot communicate with its backend server, windows reports that smc.exe is corrupted, etc, etc, etc - the list is endless.

The two agents appear to be completely incompatible.

We have installed the zcm agent during the workstation build and then the endpoint client later. I am about to try to install the endpoint client first and then the zcm agent to see if there is any difference.

Anyone else out there experiencing the joys of Symantec vs ZCM 10.3?