I am trying to install the ZLM agent using an add-on cd (zlm7.3.2 server on sles11, the sles11 server is not patched yet)

download novell-zenworks-zlm-yast-add-on-7.3.0-0.0.0.noarch.rpm from NOVELL: Downloads - ZENworks 7.3 Linux Management YaST Add-on tool

create the add-on iso:
zlm-create-yast-add-on -m /media/ZLM_7.3.2/ -o /var/opt/repo/zlm73agent -c 11
(var/opt/repo is nfs-share)

on a SLED11 workstation:
yast add-on
type is iso
yast software is started and the packages are listed. However when i try to install it wants the package <somepackage>-7.3.0-<something>

when i mount the add-on iso as a loop device and browse it, <somepackage>-7.3.2-<something> exist....

is this a bug in zlm-create-yast-add-on ?
I made an add-on iso using the original 7.3 agent iso, this one works.