OK Guys!! Here we go again. BTW. I always have a great experience
everytime I come here for help.

I've got NW6 SP3 with BM 3.7 SP2

My Utilization is 100% and will from time to time drop to 99% The log

shows it will drop to 0% over the weekends when few people are here. I

don't really have a heavy user load. Maybe 100 MAX at any given time.
really are not seeing any slow downs but I'm afraid it could be
Also noticed the open files seems high. 3015... I've optimize the
performance as recommended in TID 10018699. No dice. My Cache volume
it's own volume. However, yesterday I noticed that it wasn't writing there. It was writing to the SYS vol. Which I quick fixed and removed
files from the SYS vol. My thought was that it could be related to the

Proxy. Any Thought???? Please????