It's been a long time since I've had to do this.

NetWare server has two NIC in it.

Only one is activated/being used.

For a variety of reasons, I need to activate the second NIC and put it onto a completely diff. LAN segment strictly for the purposes of LDAP binds (in other words, I don't want/need any other traffic on that interface).

I believe by default, if the second NIC is activated, and I'm not doing routing/forwarding, that pretty much eDir/LDAP, etc. will bind to all interfaces, and I think I might run into a problem where NCP, etc. will also use that second NIC and possibly end up syncing things on an interface that I don't want it to (or causing problems by doing this).

The server only really has:
eDir (DS Master Replica)
timesync (I believe I'm using timesync.nlm but pointing to an external NTP source)
DFS replica site

(ie, no groupwise, iPrint, DHCP, etc. on this puppy).