I've bm37sp2 and fp3b on nw60sp3 box. I've try to configure client to
site vpn, but on unknown reason I've get forbidden error on any web
site in browsers. When I try uncheck enforce access rules, server was
abended and on console I've see messages:

24/08/2003 20:17:46 : ACLCHECK-3.71-5
Severity = 1
An NDS API (NWDSRead-ReadAcl) returned error (-741).

24/08/2003 20:17:48 : SERVER-5.60-4631
Severity = 3 Locus = 18 Class = 6
WARNING! Server MARS experienced a critical error. The offending
process was
suspended or recovered. However, services hosted by this server may
have been

I've run dsrepair, but no errors. After server reboot I've get the
same situation. What to do? I'll try go back to bm37sp2