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Thread: Mobility Issues resolved once 8.0.2 is available...

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    Mobility Issues resolved once 8.0.2 is available...

    There are several issues that can only be completed resolved by updating to the 8.0.2 POA - which will be ship about the same time as Mobility - this summer.

    Here is a list of those issues:

    bug_id resolution short_desc
    564092 OPEN Allow resend option through send mail request in GW Web Services
    565725 OPEN Any modification of an appointment on the device yields an additional appointment in GroupWise
    581395 OPEN Distributed recurrent appointments in TNEF only result in one instance
    589499 OPEN 2010-03-18T12:40:57.760 <UNFORMATTED>: eventHandler: This event does not have the proper information, so it will be dropped!

    544697 FIXED getSignatures XML serialization failure
    551181 FIXED A space in a domain name causes EA01 Error streaming attachments during GMS sync.
    560604 FIXED Appointments excluding the sender as an invitee are not sent to the sender in GroupWise
    572272 FIXED POA Crash accessing the Event Configuration
    579691 FIXED iCalID not honored if passed with a TNEF appointment
    580293 FIXED There needs to be a way in the soap interface to verify a trusted app key without a username and password.
    580912 FIXED Modify getUserListRequest to detect that the trsuted app name and key are valid
    584311 FIXED Appointment reminders do not sync from AS to GW
    584312 FIXED GetUserList needs to return the state of a user - active or inactive in the GW system
    590243 FIXED Many users aren't getting all their contacts.
    544364 FIXED Enh: Allow HTTP PUT to do a send
    548557 FIXED Problems with support for ActiveSync SendMail command
    550593 FIXED Add logic to get an embedded item as a mime
    552288 FIXED A recurrent request via WS using an rrule w/o an until date will fail
    552291 FIXED GW connector can't get attachments
    552292 FIXED Can't send large emails from a device
    553052 FIXED Sync problems due to extended chars in a GW domain / PO name.
    554347 FIXED SOAP doesn't return the folder tree
    555113 FIXED GetFolderList returns back the Display Settings. There is no way to remove the display settings
    570732 FIXED Need support of tnef calendar attachments
    572337 FIXED Can't send to users who use first.last as their IA format
    578157 FIXED Enhance HTTP interface for improved POA Web Services troubleshooting
    583401 FIXED POA sending invalid XML data to GMS causing messages not to sync with Web Pim
    587666 FIXED Posted Appointments generated via Contact modification (ie. b-days) lack time zone info
    542838 FIXED Memory leak in converting to unicode strings
    556488 FIXED getItemsRequest on a recurrent item will fail if an "until" date is present
    556684 FIXED SOAP Thread in POA abended the server.
    559735 FIXED Can't create a folder under the mailbox
    561035 FIXED Fixed link of reply an forward for ActiveSync SmartForward and SmartReply
    566395 FIXED Loose recurrence dates
    566645 FIXED The BCC field was visible when send a mail from ActiveSync device to exterior domain
    577248 FIXED Appointments from the device are sent like an email to GW
    587521 FIXED Email forwarded as attachments are not getting stored in Sync Engine

    You will notice that a few of these are still open. We plan to resolve these before 8.0.2 ships. In addition, we still expect to have a few more issues added to this list over the next several weeks.

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