Pulling my hair out (what little there is left). Moved my GW8 Primary Domain and PO to a new tree on SLES10sp3, OES2 sp2 DomU under SLES11 Dom0 Xen server. Did the Graft thing, which worked quite well. All agents load fine - MTA, POA and GWIA (fresh install in new tree for the GWIA). Have domain and PO datastore located on NSS volume - /media/nss/MAIL/GW/. Running "rcgrpwise status" shows "running" for all agents. And, I can connect to the POA from a GW8 client. But, the MTA shows the POA "closed". I have double and triple checked all the settings in Consoleone (some of which I did have to correct, of course, after the grafting). Link Configuration shows proper IP address of PO - with Client/Server port 1677. UNC paths for Consoleone objects look correct for the NSS volume locations on the Linux server. When I load the MTA and POA with the --show option, the Configuration Status of the MTA shows PO closed at address (7101) and details say "Link or Transport down". Domain and Gateway are "open". From the POA screen under Configuration, the Message Transfer Status option is greyed out and unavailable. I have also tried doing a top-down rebuild of the Domain and PO database files - no luck.

What can I check next? Thanks.