Prior to our needing to replace old nw5.1sp5 BM3.6 server ftp proxy

worked fine with the access rules. IE. only a couple users could use

ftp proxy because of the access rules, and they could command line out

by ftp to proxy then at user type anonymous@ftp.novell.com and then it

would ask for password and all was good. Now, with NW6sp3 bm3.7sp2, with the same access rule I get the following after "ftp proxy"
Connected to proxy.ourhost.com.
220 Service Ready
User (proxy.ourhost.com:(none)): anonymous@ftp.novell.com
530 Access Denied by Novell Border Manager:Access Control failure
Connection closed by remote host.

If I turn off access rules, it works fine. Must I do the access rules

differently now? my current rule (at my top context) is
Action: Allow
Access Type: Application proxy
Details: Proxy: FTP
Source: specified: myID.myOU.myO
Destination: Any
(No rule hit logging)

I also get Socket error:WASETIMEDOUT errors when I try my FTP client (FTP Voyager) that I have also had no problems with before.

Any directions on repairing this?