I feel bad having to ask this but I am completely drawing a blank.

What is the best way to copy a folder and its contents between 2 NetWare 6.5 servers with NSS? I'm looking to maintain as much rights and metadata that I can with the copy.

Here is what is happening...My email system was getting out of hand so we started having users with large mailboxes start archiving into their home directories. Right now we're just moving a mess around until our new budget year when we can get some new equipment. Anyway, I have previously used a Windows machine, opened the source and destination locations and did a copy/paste, and reassigned trustee rights manually. Now, almost a week later I'm running into some spotty instances where when users try to open Word documents (for example) the document initially opens, but then completely freezes the system. I'm thinking that the copy method that I used might have done something to certain files depending on if they were in folders/volumes set for file compressing. Like I said, I'm just completely drawing a blank on this right now and need a little guidance. Thanks!