Here is what is happening we've got Syncsort install on over 100 (mix of NW and SLES oes2) and all are working great. But now we are starting to replace/upgrade the hardware and on our newest servers we can't get more then about 30G to backup on the tape and then the job fails and ejects

Hareware - HP DL380G6, SC44Ge HBA with external SAS 960 LTO-3 tape drives
Software - SLES 10 sp2 OES2 sp1, Syncsort BackupExpress 3.11 (most current updates)

In Testing we - try a external SAS 448 LTO2, SCSI 448 and SCSI 960 and these all work great so its something with the SAS 960 drive. And since they are new we have about more here and I did just pull another out of a box to try maybe that first on was DOA. But that second on is doing the same thing - also tried other tapes.

I found something on HP's site - but nobody replied Business support forums - LTO2 448 SAS fails backing up in OES2

Has anyone seen this? or know what I should look into