Not sure how many persons are having fun with upgrading GroupWise 8 client from version 7. We deployed it via the MSI and things seem to be going okay for the 150 persons we were deploying via Landesk as a pilot deployment. Then we ran into 2 systems that it would not install (you could uninstall and reinstall GW 7 okay, just not GW8), a few that had partial GW 8 installs and several that I am just finding out reporting delays when doing anything address book related like sending, auto-completetion, etc. You into the Address book and select services and nothing happens. Somebody called this Mapi hell. :-)

Our work around so far has been to uinstall Windows Messaging NT (these are Windows XP workstations), run CLEANIT and then re-install groupwise. I believe we reboot after cleanit.

What I am find is that GroupWise 8 is leaving in the Address Book "services" that are no longer needed (probably from GW 7). This is slowing down address book related functions like auto completion and sending e-mail. Also The Windows Messaging NT application is not always upgrading. Having been through 3 GroupWise upgrades (5 to 5.5, 5.5 to 6.5 and 6.5 to 7) this is by far the worst I have seen it. I am thinking that Novell should buy CLEANIT and just have it run each time you install GroupWise client.