Hey all.

I have a question. When designing a (somewhat) large zone (5k client, 17k users), the recommendation seems to be around 1k clients / server.
This got me thinking so ok we will want to set up 5+ servers to handle our clients but that also means that we will have 5 * content-repo. Since we have around 300gb application installations that will be 1.5 TB data and thats what we have today. So i thought ok so i'll make 2 dedicated servers for handling bundles only and 5 primary servers to handle the rest (authentication etc) (a total of 7 primary servers) but then i remembered the 1k clients / server. wich means that if i dedicate 2 servers to become content servers the 5k clients will be split between those too. Well the question is.. How will this scale? Is it worth doing like this or should i just replicate all content between all servers?