Novell,,,,wake up will you ?

I know that these forums isn't officially monitored by Novell but,
chanses so far have allways been better in the forums than opening a
SR ( at least here in europe.)

The lastest eagerly awaited client for Win7/64 is still just causing

1. No mappnings = still a frequent problem
2. File caching MUST be ON ?? in order to use Autodesk software for
instance. If file caching = off, then all users will simply STILL get
the "file not found" when trying to opening them.

3. Enabling file caching ( because opening files seems to be a desire
for some users) results in 2 frequent issues;
A: File locking
B: BlueScreen with some reference to novell client caching sys

So, new client does NOT seem to have fixed the more obvious issues,
but instead introduced some new stuff;

LDAP Contexless login not working.
IF we specify the master replicate ( at a remote office) = it works
If we specify the any of the nearest 2 servers which are the same
context as the local users and the same partition = Not working. Will
fail during login, but if doing a WS only and then logging in to
netware = it works.

we've got SLP setup with named scope, with 2 DA's in a cluster.
This have been working as designed "forever" for all systems except
Win7. Seems that even though SLP should be the desired/correct way to
use Netware from Win7, the current client do NOT work very well with
that ( either)

I read some tid ( I think it was ) describing the differen SLP tech
used in the curren Win7 clients compared to the previous SLP used win
4.9x clients...,,,,well, that seems to have been a bad move...

Anyone using Win7/64 with current client succesfully today ?
If so, together Win Zen10 agent also ?

It's getting difficult defending the current setup/enviroment with
Novell towards the customers due to these MAJOR issues.
You know, having a customer with Mobile sync, with Zen10/conf.mgmt and
Netware and now Win7 PC's.......supporting Novell could be easier....