Bundle fails to deploy to the assigned servers. There is no activity whatsoever in the ZCC, and the assigned servers take hours to complete a refresh.

Both the primary and secondary ZLM servers have the tar.gz file that is associated with the bundle.

The zfs-pds-ted.log shows that the tiered electronic distribution between the primary and secondary successfully synchronized.

The ZCC and the services-messages.log on the primary shows that the bundle was successfully associated with the target servers, and there are multiple successful registrations for these servers. A policy assigned to these servers successfully ran multiple times.

On the assigned servers, the zmd-messages.log's show repeated errors, "Retrieval...failed...The remote server returned an error: (404) Cached bundle not found." There are dozens of such errors which began with the first refreshes after the bundle was assigned.

This bundle was successfully tested in our DEV and QA environments. The problem is occurring in our PROD environment. The only significant difference are the WAN links, which can be slow at times, but all other communications to these servers appear to be fine.

We cannot find any reference to this error in the Novell Knowledgebase or a wider Internet search.