Hello All,
Having a problem logging into an FTP server through our BM 3.5 server.

Connecting to this site has always worked before but ISP moved content

from one server to another. New site requires the login name to be
user@ftpsite.com. Before it was simply the user name and all worked
perfectly. Now when I try to connect to this server using
user@ftpsite.com as my login name I receive the error "501 syntax
error - Use [ftpUser]<separator>[ftpHost]". As stated earlier we arerunning BM 3.5 and using FTP Proxy. I have changed the default
seporator from $ to @ and have no problems accessing any other FTP
sites, as long as the login name is not in the user@ftpsite.com
syntax. I am using LeechFTP as my FTP client. I have the Firewall
setting in LeechFTP set to USER@HOST. Host name is set to our BM
interal IP
address and port 21. All other FTP works fine with this config. Does

anyone have any ideas of how I can get around this problem? Any helpwould be greatly appreciated.