Hi, we are planning a big migration very soon.
We are currently running a netware server environment:

Netware 6.5sp8
10 node cluster - servicing File access / groupwise
mixture of windows xpsp1,2,3 desktop

We will be migrating to a Microsoft windows 2008 environment.

The problem we foresee:
During the migration, when we migrate most of the data across to the windows 2008 server - how do we still grant access to our users in the AD side - mapping/connecting to the data on the Netware side which has not been migrated yet.

Ive not setup CIFS before for doing this type of 2 sided platform access to file data.

Can anyone provide some step-by-step guide/instructions to get this working/how to do it.

I was looking to set this up in a partially test environment in which i use a netware server that is in our live production tree but has no main priority service and a test windows 2008 server before carrying this out on our live servers/cluster volumes.

Also are their any issues with setting up CIFS to connect from windows 2008 to netware clustered volume?

Any help/assistance would be greatly appreciated.