I'm seeing the following behavior with server and client versions 8.0.0HP, 8.0.1 and 8.0.1HP. The behavior is only exhibited with the Mac client - not the Windows client or WebAccess.

Our GW installation is relatively new, and when it was implemented all of our users' email addresses changed. So that no messages are lost, each user has a nickname which is their former email address.

If a message is sent to nickname1@mydomain.com and nickname2@mydomain.com, the message is delivered correctly. If one of those recipients clicks Reply All in the Mac client, the message will be addressed to: originalsender.gwpo.gwdomain@mydomain.com and nickname2.gwpo.gwdomain@mydomain.com. Since "nickname2.gwpo.gwdomain" is not a valid GW account, the message is not delivered. But even worse is that the message silently dies - the message goes to the senders Sent Items folder then silently moves to the Trash with a red flag indicating an error. A bounce is not generated to notify the sender that the message was not delivered.

If the Windows client or WebAccess are used and Reply All is clicked, the message is addressed to nickname2@mydomain.com, and the message is delivered correctly. (Note the absence of "gwpo.gwdomain".)

Ideally, the Mac client would work the same way as the Windows client and WebAccess - replies would be sent to the original address and not the GW "po.domain" version of the address. Is there a setting that can be changed on the Post Office or in the Mac client to fix this behavior? (Right now many of my Mac users are still using an IMAP client, so I'm still relatively safe, but this is preventing me from rolling out the GW client.)