here is the error message on screen.

other MTA's on the same machine run. this one doesn't.

4-16-2010 9:02:28 am: SERVER-5.70-2187 [nmID=D0006]
Removed address space because of memory protection violation
Address Space: 4KIDSMTA
Reason: Page Fault, Attempt to read from non-present page
Running Thread: GWMTA-Dispatcher
EIP: 0xF4CFB9D4 (GWENN5.NLM + 0x2F99D4)
Access Loca

4-16-2010 9:02:31 am: SERVER-5.70-1564 [nmID=D0007]
Failed to restart address space
Address space: 4KIDSMTA
Reason: Attempt to restart address space before the value in set
parameter "Memory Protection No Restart Interval" expired