What is the best way to convert Netware iPrint to OES2 iPrint when iPrint is a cluster resource? We have a two node Netware cluster. I figure you migrate all the resources to node2. Remove node1 from the cluster. Insert the OES2 node1 into the cluster. Do you then install iPrint on the OES2 node1 and then use the OES2 migration tool to migrate the iPrint cluster resource from the Netware node2 to the OES2 node1? I am reading the "OES2sp2 iPrint for Linux Administration Guide" and it says when you want to cluster iPrint you need to "Run the iprint_nss_relocate script located at /opt/novell/iprint/bin". Is this still the case when the iPrint cluster resource already exists?

We also have the same scenario for DHCP and my question is the same for that as well.

Any ideas?