In a NW65/SP8 (all current patches) with GW8SP1HP1 network/vpn-WAN

8 offices, each office with NW65 server running poa/mta and at the HQ,
the GWIA runs.

What happens on maybe every 2nd ord 3rd week is that some "domain to
domain" comm failes with the "domain now closed" error.

It is NOT allways the same domains on each side though the central
domain, the HQ is allways one of them since all traffic goes through

When this error occurs, all other trafic between the same sites work,
no problem with ds, ping, ncp ,etc, only mta to mta that closes.

We've noticed that running the MTA's protected ( in a cluster) seems
to make this happen more often. More or less everytime this occurs, we
must down the MTA's that's involved, rename mslocal, and the start up
the MTA's again.

After that, we can re-que messages from /4/5 back to wpscin again and
that allways seems to work......But,, there's no way finding out WHY
this keeps on occuring....

All comm is client/serveronly, all comm through IP/MTP,
error does NOT occur related to any other IP, network, WAN,etc problem