I just want to ask if this is a bug or if this happens only because I use a openSUSE 11.2 x86-64 workstation to manager the ZCM system.

What I try to do is to remote control a SLES 11 system, but when I select to remote control a linux device in ZCC I only get the information that I should install the remote viewer (package novell-zenworks-rm-viewer). But I have done that and I also noticed that the files in the package are linked against the 32bit version of the glitz package, whereas yast installed first the 64bit version as I'm on a 64bit system. So I had to install the 32bit version as well.

When I try to run the viewer manually I just get:

ws002:~ # /opt/novell/nzrviewer/nzrviewer
Prop file path locale/en_US/vncProperties.txt
sh: specgenerator/foldercreator.sh: No such file or directory

Segmentation fault

So should I create a bug for this or is this related to my openSuSE system ?