Hi All,

Last friday we successfully upgraded both of our Zenworks servers to 10.3a, with seemingly no problems. Both completed the upgrade and restarted with no issues. However, after upgrading a handful of test workstations to the new version of the agent, we can't then log into them. We get the error "Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect". The login credentials are definitely correct, and this happens on both our Windows 7 and Windows XP workstations. I've tried unregistering and re-registering, completely uninstalling and reinstalling, but continue to get the same error. I've also tried registering with both of our ZEN servers independently, but still got the same problem. We're using the internal ZENworks certificate authority. Reinstalling the 10.2.2 agent gets the PC working again.

If anyone would be able to shed some light on this problem, I'd be eternally grateful!

My thanks,