We have two netware clusters - one for File & Print (5 servers) and the other for Netstorage (two servers).

The File/Print servers are connected to two fibre switches (lets say A and B) to support multi-pathing.

The Netstorage servers are connected to a single fibre switch as they have single port fibre cards installed - one is connected to Switch A and the other to Switch B.

We have a Dell PV136T tape autoloader connected to a fibre switch (Switch A).

Recently, if I switch off the tape library, it abends one of the Netstorage servers which is connected to Switch A and also one of the File/Print servers connected to both switches BUT does not abend the other four servers which are also connected to both fibre switches.

If I disconnect the fibre connection on Switch A of the File/Print server which abends and leave in the other connection to Switch B then it does not abend this server.

Has anyone come across this problem?