I've been testing ZPM on our Configuration Management server for several months on and off and have had mixed results, but I think I finally understand how it is working and am ready to train a colleague to take over patch managing.

One thing that I would like to do before turning over the patches though is to have every valid patch as of a certain date applied to our workstations. Unfortunately, from what I am seeing this is turning into a more labor intensive process than I have anticipated, and it is mainly due to 2 issues. I am currently running 10.2.2 for reference on these issues if 10.3 corrects anything.

The first is on any patch that I send, especially if I schedule it for overnight and I require a restart, if the computer goes into a power saving state which causes the monitor to go to sleep, or the system is sitting on the Novell login screen but in the power saving mode, the shutdown portion of the restart process hangs until (at minimum) I move the mouse or tap the keyboard to wake up the system. In that "suspended" state I can't even remote control, wake up or otherwise access the system.

The second issue that I'm having is that I can't chain patches that require restarts together. What I want to do is select and deploy all of my currently not-applied patches in a single push, I currently have everything cached on my server. What I am finding is that a random number of random patches are getting installed on the workstation, it requires the restart, and the patch shows as complete even though the individual patches haven't been installed. When I go into the manually configuration for pushing patches the chaining checkbox column is unavailable. I have also gone back and made sure with a smaller selection of patches that any patches which were for different versions were deployed separately, so that there was no chance that a version 2 patch would be installed before a version 1 patch, but get the same restart and have to redeploy the uninstalled patches problem.

Is there anything that I can do to work around these issues?