Hi again Craig cuz i know you'll be the one answering...

On the border manager, we have our private and public nic, each bind
their proper ip. For no reason it stop working, no connection, no
on the web, it seems that the NIC reset itself and now the users can't

access the web.

Here is what i did :

1- Installed NW51SP6.
2- Installed the patch for Radius and re-created the profile, cuz
somehow it
couldnt find it.
2- Rollback to Tcpip V.5.53 (To solve the problem : A scheduled work
to do,
took over 1 minute....) WAS working great.
3- Patched the BM 3.6 to the latest patch.
4- Backup the proxy.nlm and proxy.cfg and took the one from your
for version 3.7.
5. Set all the minimum requierement for BM that i got from a TID on
web site.
6. Run LOAD proxy.nlm -cc (Seems that BM couldn't clear all the cache,
so i
unloaded it again and erased the cache directory and bring proxy.nlm
7. Run a dsrepair, run a vrepair on sys and the cache volume.

That's what i did, the last thing i have to do is to re-create the
volume cuz the last admin activated compression and suballocation on
volume. Don't ask me why, i don't know !!!!!!

But now, i keep getting the error "scheduled work to do, took over a
, we reboot the server, clean the cache and then from nowhere the
error is
back again and we have to shut down the server again, and when that
i can't shut it down properly.

More than that, usually, after some times i receive a message that
both NIC
are down, no error, no reason what so ever and at the same moment all
uers can't connect to the server so i have to reboot it, i can't justreinitialise the nic. Then tonight, i didn't get an error that both
NIC were
down, i just got a down on the public NIC, but the internet was stillworking when the card came back online.

I feel like a complete idiot, i can't stabilise the BM server and i
have try
everything i could know up to now. We run a P3 650 with 512 ram and
drive, so for 80 local users i think that's far enough. On the same
we run Radius, proxy, dhcp. Since the first dns server isn't the BM
ip, i
moved the dns server (named) to the correct novell server and its

After some times, if i check the proxy console, it can't see the DNS
of the other Novell server, i don't know why but after some time,
maybe it
did a refresh or something now it can see it again. <g>. When one of
my dns
server is down, i'm getting some random "Allocation error" when i'm
browsing, but soon as the other dns is back online the error seems tovanish. Maybe it's just a coincidence, maybe it's not.

Really, this is driving me crazy and my boss is starting to think that
would be better if we start looking for an another product, like SQUID
the proxy. That would make me sick cuz i'm starting to like BM, so
easy to
deal with. (Dns, dhcp, proxy).

I thought this could be a NIC problem, but maybe i'm not looking at
right place at the right moment and one module is sucking all my

Any advices would be great, if i can't find the source, then i think
gonna start a new server, but i don't want, got a lot of things to do.

K. Chabot