BM 3.7, bm37fp3b on NW6 with SP3, proxy.cfg from Craig's website dated

7/8/03. HTTP proxy

There is a particular secure website that we retrieve images from.
After we
log in, we are able to retrieve approximately 20 to 30 images (by
keying in
a specific number for each one). We can either pull up one at a time
type up to 10 record numbers at a time. either way, we may only get
images back. After that point, IE stops responding (no Border
We have to clear cache and restart. (Company that hosts the
website/application has no assistance.)

It's having some type of timeout or capacity issue. Testing without
proxy appears to be okay but all workstations here are forced to go
the proxy. I tried to put an exception in IE with the website and IPaddress but that does not help.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!