Hi everyone,
We have 2 test zenworks 10 servers in replica, and 1 satellite that is used for Imaging operation tests. This satellite is located on a different vlan than the zen primary servers. I used a workstation on the same subnet that the satellite to do the imaging tests with the help of the Zen Control Console. This workstation have been imported in the database and I succesfully tooked an image to send to the satellite. When I boot pxe, it's the satellite that are selected to do imaging process.

I tried to restore an image to the workstation test by using the Zen Console but for some reason it doesn't work. I have created a Imaging Bundle and assigned a working image. I have selected the workstation and choose the "assign bundle" option in the Action tab for selecting the bundle that I have created. After that, I reboot the workstation but the imaging process doesn't want to start and the workstation is booting normally. After that, I tried to use the "Apply assigned imaging bundle" instead, but same thing.

I wonder what I've been missing in the steps to allow an image restoration to this workstation.

thank you !