I'm using the April 12 build of the tech preview.

Has anyone else had SOAP issues on the postoffice used to sync to a mobile device?
Specifically, our PO CPU utilization would peg and it appeared to be the SOAP threads used the the groupwise connector. Checking the SOAP threads dashboard, the source was the dataysnc server. It was causing user complaints because the PO would become unresponsive.

Though I had added a members to a group, they would never be listed as users on the datasync dashboard. I believe the connector was aware of the group because when I tried to remove a user who was a member of the group, it would error prompting that the task could not be completed because the user was a member of the defined group. Once I removed the user from the group, I could remove them from the connectors; however, adding a new user to a group would never result in that user appearing on the datasync side.

I noticed that SOAP not returning folders was to be addressed in 8.02. With that in mind, my trouble is my entire mailbox was sync'd to the handset in one folder, rather than replicating my folder structure in the PO. Consequently, mail on the handset was unusable because my "real" mail was buried within firewall logs, message logs & misc system spam that would normally be shuffled off by rule to a folder in my mailbox.
Is this result related to the SOAP not returning folders issue?