zcm 10.2.2
WinXP sp3

I finally getting starting with setting up ZCM for deployment, migrating from ZEN 7. Having some success, but am stuck on Windows Group Policies.

If I migrate a policy from ZEN 7, or create one from scratch (yuck!), I can not reload it for editing. When I click the 'Configure' button, I get a message at the top of the browser frame that reads "Error: An error occurred while extracting the group policy content. The content has not been processed or the zenloader service is not running."

Further, the policy does not load for the user. The group policy shows 'Failed' in the 'Effective' column, and clicking for details gets a dialog box with the message 'The content for grouppolicy is not accessible at this time. Please try again later.'

Since I'm new to ZCM I assume I'm missing a step somewhere, but it is eluding me. Any pointers would be appreciated!!