The company I am working with is getting ready to install our first SLES10 SP3/OES2 SP2A server into our production tree. It is a 6.5 SP7 tree with the exception of one 6.0 SP5 server. Most servers run edir 8.8.2, the 6.0 runs 8.62 and some run

My question is, is there any reason we would NEED to put any eDirectory replicas on the new OES2 SP2A server? I know going back as a best practice you wanted to have the master or a copy of your root partition as the highest eDir in the tree. But in this case we'd prefer if possible to be able to play with the server first before putting replicas on. Going back through the years I know that at my old job, occasionally minor edir updates would be introduced into the tree on servers without a replica, and it never seemed to cause a problem. I didn't see anything in the OES documentation about specifically needing a replica, only that you needed to be 8.62 or higher in your tree.

Any thoughts/comments are appreciated. Thanks.