Tell me how to get this PoS thing off my system. I do not use any netware products or services and had to specifically create this username for the purpose of getting this removed from my system. Suddenly, my login screen doesn't have my pictures on it for logging in, and instead has an old style login screen. When I tried to bring it back to the welcome screen, it says I can't because this service is installed. I have already done a thruough search and there are no registry entries, no add/remove programs entries, and there is no folders named novell or netware existant on this sytem, yet, the service seems to have no problem running. it is listed in the services panel with the following path:

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs

Obviously, I cann't delete this file, nor can I seem to figure out exactly how it got there in the first place. I have already tried a system restore to 3 days ago, losing much work in the process, and yet the service remains there. Earlier today, I turned on my computer and got my welcome screen. This evening, I turn it on and get that old login screen. There was no software installed and definately no access to anything Novell related since this is an isolated system not connected to a network.

Instruct me exactly how to get this service and the associated CSNW icon removed from my system.