There are 2 things we have observed with the latest Novell client 2 sp1 IR1, which our support company say are known issues (to them or Novell - I am not sure which), but I have not seen anyone else talk about on forums or lists.

1. When Running the novell client setup.exe (on windows7) with no options, it happily runs as a normal user whether run directly (from a network or local drive) or from a batch file. However, running the novell client setup.exe with the /acu and /ncpf options requires the 'run as administrator' option otherwise it causes the misleading error to be reported about the Novell Client Installation to be already running.

2. When performing a contextless login: After entering a user name into the Novell client login screen, and clicking advanced to check the context lookup succeeded all looks correct. If you then decided not to login with that user name, and instead change that user name, the context lookup fails, and defaults to the 'context search scope' context. Any subsequent context lookups fail. Rebooting the workstation then allows you to successfully enter the other username, and the lookup succeeds, but again, if you change the user name to another, after that first successful lookup, the subsequent lookups fail.

Anyone care to add anything to the above obversations?