For troubleshooting purposes how does one match ups a Bundle's GUID from the Message Log to the actual existing bundle?

Rant start:

I imagine the Message Logs are great to someone out there, but really it tells us nothing but "Could not add bundle dc2d2ffbe4a84aa8a0a488c43111510e to session" to which I respond "That's great! Wonderful! Nice of you to log that! And what bundle is that?" then I try to do queries in the database itself and not being familiar at all with this process I utterly fail (or ask the DBA's if they can help only to find they have more questions than I do).

If I didn't have hundreds of bundles I could get away with clicking each one and looking, but what if the problem is that bundle doesn't even exist? What is the intention of this log? If it's helpful in troubleshooting it's not very obvious to me. At least not by itself. Couldn't it provide a button or link to the Bundle? It already seems to know the internal name, why not go one step further and make it easy to examine problems?

Rant complete.

So now, how do you match up that GUID to the actual Bundle causing problems?