This past weekend, I upgraded all of my SLES servers to SLES10sp3 OES2 sp2.

Now, a couple of my MAC clients can cause AFPTCPD to go unused and stop running.

The MAC at my desk is at OSX 10.4.11 and I can connect to my mounted NSS volumes without any problems. A MAC at OSX 10.6.3 and another at OSX 10.5.8, merely by making the attempt (GO, Connect to Server from the MAC desktop), cause the daemon to stop and go unused. Last week before the patchings, everybody was fat and happy.

At the Linux command prompt, I can restart the daemon and things work again, until one of the MACs at the OSX level mentioned above makes an attempt.

I'm fully patched, at least according to "rug up". Are there configuration parameters (threads (8), reconnect period (1440), etc.) that will makes things better?

Any thoughts appreciated.